Meet Goldsmith and Metal Artist Catharine Merkel

Sonoma County - California

Sonoma County GoldsmithA native of northern California's Sonoma County, an area home to many artists, Catharine first found her metallurgy inspirations stirring in her high school years. After graduating from California College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in metalsmithing, she began her goldsmithing career mentoring with two of the most respected master goldsmiths in the west.

Delighting in bringing ancient craftsmanship to contemporary light, Catharine feverishly produced with a custom design emphasis and an ambition toward a unique gallery line all her own... She fulfilled her dreams culminating with her own store in Santa Rosa, California featuring a full line of successfully spectacular creations.

After 7 years of retail, the urge to evolve her work more deeply resulted in her movement back to the jeweler's bench full time, where with the advent of CAD (computer aided design) Technology, the traditional artist poured forth a new renaissance of creative brilliance, commencing in a stunning new evolution to her work.

Today, the highly sought after 30-year veteran goldsmith is contracted by those who seek only the finest skilled jewelry and metal artisans to produce their unique custom specimens. An uncompromising master goldsmith with a woman's touch, a rare commodity in the industry, Catharine produces one-of-a-kind exquisite pieces for those who require quality jewelry and metal art you simply cannot get anywhere else.

To own a Catharine Merkel custom designed piece, is to understand what it is like to possess impeccable legacy jewelry and metal art that will be cherished and handed down for generations to come.